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 Hatha Yoga Classes

Yoga originated in India many hundreds of years ago, and incorporates physical exercises, breathing techniques, philosophies for living in harmony with yourself and others, and various forms of meditation.  It is not aligned with any religion, but is complimentary to most people's belief systems and spirituality.

There are many different types of Yoga which are practiced around the world - you may have heard of some - Satyananda, Iyenga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bahkti Yoga to name a few.  Some focus exclusively on the meditation, some are extremely physically demanding, and some are better suited to life in a cave!  The type of Yoga I practice and teach is called Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is a traditional range of postures and movements (Asanas) to increase your body's flexibility and strength.  It also involves enhancing your breathing technique (Pranayama), both during relaxation (Yoga Nidra), and while practicing the Asanas.  My classes run for 90 minutes, and include around 75 minutes of Asanas, followed by 15 minutes of relaxation. 

The participants in my classes range in age from 16 to 70.  Some are beginners, and some have been practicing Yoga for years.  I always explain and demonstrate the simplest through to the more advanced options on every exercise, and each student works to their own level of capability.  Yoga is not a competitive activity, so wherever you are in terms of fitness and flexibility, age, gender, size, etc, you'll be comfortable in my classes.  You might be surprised how much fun Yoga can be - we never have a class without laughter, and there is always gentle good humour in the group.

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FIT Lane Cove

24-28 Lane Cove Plaza
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Ph: 9420 2815

Saturdays 8.15am 50 Minute Vinyasa Class.
Saturdays 10.15am 50 Minute Hatha Class.

Sundays 8.15am 50 Minute Mat Pilates Class.
Sundays 9.15am 50 Minute Meditation Class.
Sundays 10.15am 50 Minute Vinyasa Class.

Bookings are required.   All you need is comfortable clothing (gym gear, leggings and t-shirts are ideal), plus please bring a towel and Yoga mat.