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 Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes

Having practiced yoga since age 18, I completed my Yoga Teacher’s Certificate in 1983, and then my Advanced Yoga Teacher Diploma with Swami Sarasvati in 1997.  I have been teaching yoga for 25 years in the Lane Cove area. My teaching range includes Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

I have also been teaching Mat Pilates for the last 3 years, studying with Studio Pilates International. I am passionate about the benefits of Pilates, and I believe Yoga and Pilates compliment each other perfectly, combining strength, flexibility, balance, and Mind-Body connection.

I also teach Meditation, a vocation which began from participating in the Vipassana Meditation retreat of 10 days intensive training and practice in my 20s. I incorporate meditation into my Yoga Savasana teaching, and I also lead dedicated Meditation Classes. I include a wide variety of meditation styles in my classes, Mindfulness, Visualisations, Affirmations, Gratitude, Loving Kindness - just to name a few!

In all my Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes I cater for beginners through to advanced participants, so wherever you are in terms of fitness and flexibility, age or gender, you’ll be comfortable in my classes.  I aim to bring variety and humour to every class, keeping your practice interesting and inspiring.  Everyone’s welcome!

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FIT Lane Cove

24-28 Lane Cove Plaza
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Ph: 9420 2815

Saturdays 8.15am 50 Minute Vinyasa Class.
Saturdays 9.15am 50 Minute Mat Pilates Class.
Saturdays 10.15am 50 Minute Hatha Class.

Sundays 8.15am 50 Minute Mat Pilates Class.
Sundays 9.15am 50 Minute Meditation Class.
Sundays 10.15am 50 Minute Vinyasa Class.

Bookings are required.   All you need is comfortable clothing (gym gear, leggings and t-shirts are ideal), plus please bring a towel and Yoga mat.