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 Recruitment Consultant Workplace Coaching

Maximising the Benefits of the Training

I provide individual coaching to people interested in developing their skills and improving their results in all aspects of the resourcing, recruitment, account management or team leadership roles.  Coaching is often utilised after the individual has participated in a training workshop, to reinforce the learning and help fully implement the new behaviours into the workplace.  Of course coaching is also available and beneficial to people who choose not to attend a workshop, but prefer highly personalised advice and assistance in their development. 

Coaching involves my observing any area of your current practices in which you'd like development, followed by supportive reflection, feedback and suggestions for improvement.  Or it may involve discussions to keep you motivated in achieving excellence. 

Areas to focus on might include advertisement writing, screening response calls, interviewing candidates, reference checking, resume and consultant comments preparation, goal-setting, time management, marketing strategy structuring, and even client visits. I also provide coaching for team leaders to develop their skills and confidence in leadership.

Because the coaching sessions are individual, I am happy to tailor the approach to whatever will be most beneficial to you.  

Participants have found workplace coaching sessions to be of great benefit.  They report that this individual attention assists them in implementing and refining the skills required for success in their career.



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'The impact Barbara's coaching has had on our staff - their enthusiasm and performance - has been huge.  I honestly don't think our consultants would be as professional and productive as they are had they not received training and coaching from Barbara.'

If you are interested in workplace coaching, please contact me using the form on my contact page for further details.



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