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  'Business Development Skills'

One Day Workshop

Course Outline

Participants in 'Business Development Skills' will challenge their existing thoughts and behaviours to develop a success-oriented approach to their customer-relationship and sales activities. They will develop an understanding of the most effective communication styles, and how to make their communication 'customer focussed' to enhance relationships and business outcomes.

The program also enquires into how to generate customer loyalty, to delight customers with service excellence, and to enjoy greater satisfaction and reward in their sales role. 

Content and Outcomes

General Communication and Sales Principles

  • Consider how your beliefs, attitudes and preconceptions impact the outcomes of your sales activities.

  • Recognise how influential your behaviours are on the customer's decisions.

  • Discover how to make your customer-communication 'customer focussed'.

  • Learn a variety of questioning styles, and understand the benefits of asking questions in customer relationship development.

  • Employ empathetic/active listening to understand the customer's needs and establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Discover behaviours to develop rapport with customers.

  • Investigate the verbal, vocal and visual aspects of communication.

  • Develop positive speech and body language behaviours.

  • Understand what it takes to generate a relationship of trust and respect.

  • Consider what motivates customers, and understand the power of 'speaking their language'.

  • Translate your company's features into benefits to motivate clients to do business with you.

Conducting Client Sales Visits

  • Understand the four stages of a sales visit.

  • Develop questioning techniques to reveal client needs, and develop their awareness of the need for your product/services.

  • Present your product/service and company's features in the form of solutions that benefit the client, solve their problems and meet their needs.

  • Understand the principles for effective objection handling.

  • Transform interest into business via effective closing behaviours

  • Adopt a process to promote clarity, completeness and results-oriented follow up in business communication.

Generating Customer Loyalty

  • Understand it takes more than 'satisfaction' to generate customer loyalty.

  • Consider the importance of service process as well as service outcome.

  • Look into managing and exceeding client expectations. 

  • Discuss 'Impression Points' - what they are, and how we can enhance them.

  • Dealing with complaints and dissatisfactions - transforming these into opportunities to deepen the customer relationship and loyalty.

  • Behaviours that create the perception of service excellence.

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Course Schedule

The next 2-day 'Building Better Business' workshop will be held in Sydney. Dates to be confirmed. Expressions of interest welcomed.

The training will be held at a venue in Sydney CBD (address details provided upon booking).    

$900 per person plus GST. Multiple attendee discounts apply.

Group size for Public Course limited to 8 participants.

This workshop is also available as in-house training. 

Please contact me for more information.

Quotes from Participants

'Barbara is a fantastic trainer.  Articulate, informative, and dynamic.'

'Improved my confidence.'

'Highly participative, and I loved the group discussions.'

'The workbook is great - lots of reference material for future learning.'