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Two Day Workshop

Effective Communication for Business Success

Consider how often you communicate in your business life, whether in a formal presentation setting, or on an individual, informal basis.  Your success and effectiveness in business, and beyond, is powerfully impacted by the quality of your communication and presentation skills.  

Effective communication involves the transfer of information, clear presentation of the benefits of your product or vision, an opportunity to create a desired outcome and to influence the listener.  Whether you are in sales, education or management, developing these skills will contribute significantly to your success and your enjoyment of your role.

Who Should Attend?

People in the following situations will derive considerable benefit from attending this workshop: 

  • Anyone who communicates or presents information on a formal or informal basis.

  • People who need to influence or inform, whether the audience be customers, colleagues, or management.

  • People who need to develop skills in presenting for the first time, or who seek continual development and improvement of their existing presentation skills. 

Content and Outcomes

At the completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Clearly understand the opportunity a presentation provides them with.

  • Know the importance of understanding their audience's issues and needs, existing knowledge, and barriers to acceptance of the message.

  • Understand the utilisation of relevant anecdotes and scenarios to bring their message to life, and make the message more 'real' to their audience.

  • Be able to identify key points for communication and to maintain focus on these main take-away-messages.

  • Consider the three main aspects of communication - the verbal, the vocal and the visual.

  • Develop positive speech and body language techniques.

  • Understand essential strategies for preparation, practice and relaxation.

  • Know how to open and close a presentation.

  • Practice effective methods of handling questions.

  • Understand the principles for effective use of presentation tools, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, flipcharts, etc.

  • Develop self-confidence based on improved delivery skills to therefore enjoy the experience of presenting!

  • Consider the logistics, equipment and venue requirements for a professional presentation.

  • Consider audience handout material to support their message.

  • Understand that the most effective presentations include effective follow-up activity to ensure optimal results.


Participants will experience an informative, balanced (practical and theoretical) program.  They will learn in a supportive environment, and be challenged to develop their potential by putting the principles into practice.  Each participant will receive constructive feedback and coaching.

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'The course content draws extensively on the experience I gained during the six years I was National Seminar Presenter for Microsoft Australia.'
- Barbara Hoadley

Quotes from Participants

'I was terrified of public speaking when I came to this workshop, but I think I might even 'enjoy' presenting now!'

'Barbara made it such a comfortable environment - gave me lots of confidence.'

'I have been to many different training sessions, and this was one of the best!'

Course Schedule
Please contact me using the form on my contact page for further details.