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  'Staff Selection / Recruitment Interviewing Skills'

One Day Workshop

Course Outline

Participants in the 'Staff Selection / Recruitment Interviewing Skills' training workshop will gain an understanding of Best Practice techniques for successful staff selection and recruitment during the candidate interview.  From initial impressions, and throughout the interview, the quality of communication with the candidate strongly influences the results achieved.  The purpose of this course is to generate insight into how to develop excellence in each step, ensuring effective relationship building, enhanced information exchange, and therefore improved staff selection and employment results.  

Who Should Attend This Training?

Anyone involved in Staff Selection / Recruitment Interviewing will find this workshop valuable.  Participants in the course will find their ability to uncover vital information from candidates will improve, enabling a more informed selection process and therefore better hiring decisions.  An enhanced ability to 'sell' the opportunity to the candidate will result in higher acceptance rates of employment offers made, and therefore a better outcome in attracting a winning team of employees.

 Content and Outcomes  


  • Understand that the recruitment interview aims to balance efficient information exchange and effective relationship building.

  • Consider the importance of sound preparation for the interview, and what you can to do to maximise your professional credibility with the candidate.

  • Become aware of the importance of creating a positive first impression, and how to achieve this through the verbal, vocal and visual aspects of your presence and interaction style.

  • Develop positive speech and body language techniques.

  • Discover behaviours to develop rapport with candidates.

  • Follow a useful guide when interviewing candidates, to bring structure and comprehensive­ness to the interview.

  • Explore a variety of questioning styles to achieve specific outcomes, including Open, Closed, Theoretical, Alternatives, and Reflective Questions.

  • Understand how to utilise Behavioural Interviewing questions to explore the candidate's character, emotional intelligence, capabilities and workplace behavioural style.

  • Utilise active listening skills and paraphrasing to ensure clear understanding of the candidate's career history, achievements and aspirations.

  • Consider which types of questions are illegal (due to Privacy and Anti-Discrimination legislation), and alternative approaches for covering sensitive issues.

  • Consider what motivates candidates, and therefore how to maintain their interest.

  • Recognise the need to 'sell' the job opportunity to candidates, focussing on highlighting the key advantages and benefits of the role and your organisation, to ensure that the scarce, quality candidates select your roles over other options in a competitive market.

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Course Schedule

The next 2-day 'Recruitment - A Practical Approach' workshop will be held in Sydney. Dates to be confirmed. Expressions of interest welcomed.  

This training will be held at a venue in Sydney CBD (address details provided upon booking).  

$450 per person per day, plus GST. Multiple attendee discounts apply.

Group size for Public Courses limited to 8 participants.

This workshop is also available as in-house training. 

Please contact me for more information.

Quotes from Participants

'So helpful - I now have a structure to follow and this will give me more confidence when interviewing future candidates.'

'I now have methods of probing beyond the superficial responses candidates often give, so I can uncover true aspirations, history, competencies, etc.'

'I think the part on selling the opportunity to the candidate was very valuable - hopefully this will reduce our rejection of offer rate.'