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Problem Willows  (1 page)

Key  To Willows (Salix) In Rural Australia  (1 page)

Exterminate ‘Wild Pussy Willow’ and its most invasive relatives  (5 pages)

Willow Management for Australian Rivers (28 pages)

Remove Willows to conserve Water?  (5 pages)

Strategies for Black Willow in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment  (1 page)

Introduced Willows can become Invasive Pests:

See also   http://www.ffp.csiro.au/publicat/articles/willows/




Fire Ecology

1.  Effects of Fire on Vegetation: Dilemmas for Prescribed Burning in Australia.
     Microsoft Word document without pictures (file size: 120 KB)

2.  Biodiversity Protection:  Effects of Fire Regime on Vegetation in Australia.   
     Adobe Acrobat document.  This text is a shortened version of (1) but with pictures.  (file size: 2.1 MB)