About Peter Hoadley

Peter HoadleyBackground

I spent twenty eight years in the IT and management consulting industries in a variety of roles: software developer, systems designer, IT consultant, and manager.

My last position was from 1991 until 1998 as the director of Microsoft's consulting division (Microsoft Consulting Services) for the South East Asia region.

I left the workforce in 1998 to focus on private investment activities.  An active equities investor since 1996 I started developing options software in 1998 and launched the Hoadley Trading & Investment Tools website in 1999.


My focus is on providing high quality software for private investors at a very low (or free) price, and for business users at a competitive price.

Noticing a significant gap in the market for professional-grade, reasonably priced, investment and trading analysis software, I decided to try and fill it --  not primarily for commercial reasons, but mainly because I enjoy the challenge of developing best-of-breed tools for a knowledgeable and discerning user base.

The scope of the software is now very broad, encompassing not only tools to support the analysis of options and other derivatives, but also tools for asset allocation, portfolio optimization and construction, portfolio performance analysis, investment valuation, and risk management.

The financial toolset is widely used (in 105 countries) by private investors, consultants, financial advisors, auditors and accountants, banks, hedge funds, asset managers and other financial institutions, non-financial institutions, and government instrumentalities.  From the stream of unsolicited positive feedback I receive, I'm confident I'm meeting my objectives in terms of functionality, quality and price.
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