Options Strategy Evaluation Tool Demos & Tutorials

The following demos and tutorials for the Options Strategy Evaluation Tool can be run on-line. There is no audio in these tutorials, so don't adjust your sound controls.

Demo/Tutorial Description Minutes
The Basics
Guided tour - overview Overview of key features 8.5
Guided tour - the sample strategies A run through the sample strategies included with the tool, plus a few more features.  6
Useful tips & pointers  Points out a range of miscellaneous features which will help you use the tool more effectively. 7.5
"What if" scenario analysis   Using the strategy comparison feature to do "what if" analysis of scenarios.  9
The "Greeks" Analysing and graphing the hedge parameters ("Greeks") for net strategy positions and individual strategy trades. 6.5
Sensitivity analysis Using the slider bar control panel to perform sensitivity analyses. 4
Dividends Ignore dividends at your peril: Analysing the critical impact of dividends on strategy profitability. 12.5
Implied volatility Calculating and using implied volatility. 3
Using Option Chains
Strategy selection and evaluation from option chains Using the automatic "suggest" feature for trade selection; viewing the P&L for each individual option, spread or combo for each set of strikes for a given expiry date, or for each expiry date for a given set of strikes. 6
Individual trade selection and quotes from option chains Selecting trades individually from an option chain and updating all underlying and options prices for a strategy. 3.5
Some Advanced Features
Position hedging - the basics Automatically hedging positions with respect to various individual greeks and combinations of greeks (eg delta & gamma neutral). 6.5
Dynamic hedging How adjustment can be easily made to strategies already under way. Dynamic hedging is used as an example. 6.5
Backtesting Backtesting strategies by stepping through past dates using actual market data. 7.0
Early exercise Using the tool to identify optimal early exercise points for puts and calls. 4.5

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If you are not familiar with the Options Strategy Evaluation Tool you should take the first guided tour, and ideally the second as well, before looking at any of the other tutorials. The remaining tutorials can be viewed in any order.
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