Finance Add-in and Related Applications: Demos

The following demos can be run on-line.  There is no audio in these tutorials, so don't adjust your sound controls.

Note that some of the demos refer to the "Derivatives Add-in for Excel". This product is now part of the "Finance Add-in for Excel",  The demos, which were developed some time ago, have not been revised to reflect this.

For demos for the Options Strategy Analysis Tool (OSET) see OSET demos.

Demo/Tutorial Description Minutes
Finance Add-in for Excel
Scope and features Overview of the scope and key features. 6
Using the add-in How the add-in can be used in your own spreadsheets. 5
Probability analsysis example  An example of how the add-in can be used to to analyse stock price price probabilities 4
Historic volatility functions (Also see historic volatility calculator application below) How to calculate and graph historical volatility using data extracted from the web.  6
Forecasting volatility with GARCH  Using the GARCH model to forecast volatility by day, week, or month ahead, and to construct volatility term structures for pricing options. 5
Streaming quotes How to bring steaming quotes into your own spreadsheets.
Historic & Implied Volatility Calculators
Historic volatility calculator Calculculate and graph historic volatility using data automatically extracted from the web. Includes GARCH forecasting. 6.5
Implied volatility calculator Download complete option chains and calculate implied volatility and the volatility surface for all options. 6
Hedging optimization Scan option chain and select the optimal combination of trades to meet specific hedge ratio targets. 5
Open Positions Manager
Whirlwind tour Overview of the Open Positions Manager application, which makes extensive use of the add-in 8
Position hedging Hedging an entire position in an underlying. 6
Portfolio Optimizer & Black-Litterman Asset Allocation
Portfolio optimizer Optimizing a portfolio of assets using CAPM/MPT principles 10
Black-Litterman Using the Black-Litterman asset allocation model with the Portfolio Optimizer to produce diversified portfolios. 10
Options Strategy Evaluation Tool (OSET)
Options Strategy Evaluation Tool Construction and analysis of options trading strategies  

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