Seamless Integration: Tradier Brokerage & Hoadley Options Tools

Tradier Brokerage is a low cost technologically advanced on-line US broker. 

Data integration: If you have a Tradier Brokerage account you can use US market streaming quotes and option chains from Tradier:


with the Hoadley Options Strategy Analysis applications


in your own Excel spreadsheets. 

Trading Integration: Orders for single or mult-leg option strategies can be sent directly to Tradier Brokerage for execution.

Trade commission free:   Tradier Brokerage offers commission-free equity and options trading to users of Hoadley Trading & Investment Tools.  Details.

Applications can be integrated with the Tradier Brokerage data feed

The Options Strategy Evaluation Tool will retrieve live US equity and index Options Chain snapshots from Tradier Brokerage for advanced analysis of options strategies, including strategy comparisons, probability of profit analysis, ROI, position hedging, early exercise analysis and much more.

The Implied Volatility Calculator will use Tradier Brokerage option chains for monthly volatility smile/skew analysis, implied volatility surface analysis including 3D volatility surface graphing, valuation analysis and hedging optimization.

Use streaming quotes and option chains into your own spreadsheets

The Hoadley Finance Add-in for Excel contains a function to connect your own spreadsheets directly to the Tradier Brokerage streamer. 

The quotes can either be snashoot or fully streaming -- no refresh required -- and the quote functions  can be used in your spreadsheets in exactly the same way as you would use any of the normal Excel functions (SUM, AVERAGE, NPV...).

Unlike many common streaming quote solutions, the Hoadley Finance Add-in for Excel does not use Microsoft's obsolete DDE technology for bringing quotes into spreadsheets.  Instead it uses the newer RTD (Real-Time Data) technology developed by Microsoft to replace DDE. RTD is more more robust and easier to use than DDE.

A function Wizard in the Finance Add-in for Excel guides you through the simple process of inserting streaming quotes into your own spreadsheet cells. No programming is required and the add-in includes sample worksheets containing examples using Tradier Brokerage data.

The add-in also includes a component, for use in a VBA module, for bringing live option chain snapshots into your own spreadsheets for analysis.

This combination of the Finance Add-in for Excel plus live data from Tradier Brokerage provides a powerful analysis platform for traders.  You can use the power of Excel with the Hoadley Finance Add-in to look behind market data to gain a much deeper understanding of option pricing, volatility, probabilities, and hedging.

Order execution through Tradier Brokerage

Option strategies created in the Options Strategy Analysis Tool can be converted into trade orders and sent to Tradier Brokerage for execution with a single button click. An order can contain a single option, or up to four legs for a complex strategy (eg  straddle, butterfly, condor, double calendar spread...) . A multi-leg trade is executed as a single unit by Tradier Brokerage rather than as several individual orders.

Users maintain full control over all aspects of the order process, including changing any part of an order (strikes, expiry dates, number of contracts, duration etc), adding or removing legs.  Orders can be previewed prior to execution and can be aborted entirely if required..


Software Environment 

Microsoft Excel (32-bit or 64-bit editions) running under Microsoft Windows.

For details, see Finance Add-in for Excel system requirements.
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More Information 

Options Strategy Analysis Tools - overview of tools.

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